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Erasmus Internship
Developing european projects since 2002                


AGIFODENT is a non profit institution established in SPAIN to inform about the actual problems and oportunities in Europe.

The main articles of our association are the following ones:

- To inform, teach and develop European Programmes in Andalucia.

- To focus on young people and to provide them with all the available information about EC initiatives, International Programmes and European Mobility Programmes in order to improve their professional skills.

- To promote and develop educational programmes addressed to businessmen and citizens for the management of new technologies and to provide information and advice in order to apply for European Programmes and during the required procedures for these issues.

- To face and carry out international activities as a global process for the improvement of the educational and professional situation and the situation of Andalucia in general.

- To disseminate and spread information about job and educational opportunities within other European countries.

- To develop means and services that enable intercultural and linguistic learning.

- To encourage and boost the European Citizenship.

- To consolidate the knowledge about other European cultures and lifestyles.

- To encourage the European values as a means of preventing racist or xenophobic attitudes.

- To collaborate actively with other institutions or organizations which share common goals.  

- To keep and encourage the exchange of professional experiences among members and other relevant people linked to the European sphere, so as to gain help, experience and professional enrichment.

Agifodent has been workin in the field of European projects for more than 10 years and our staff has great experience in developing successful projects of different areas.