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Erasmus Internship
All our accommodations are in the city center                 

Granada Housing

Accommodation in shared flats, or student residence
Welcome to a new kind of student living experience, designed bearing you in mind. We are the number one choice for student accommodation because we genuinely care about how you want to live. Living with Erasmusinternship isn't just about buildings, it’s about safe, secure homes where you can study and socialise in comfort.

Our flats and residences are perfectly located near the city centres or universities, and they are fully equipped with everything you need, including always wi-fi, inclusive bills, study space and social areas.

The accommodation situation for students is generally difficult, such a cheap accommodation is hard to find. The monthly rent is the biggest item in the monthly expenses and costs students an average of 400-500 euros per month. Regional differences apply: The situation is more difficult in the major cities of Spain (Madrid, Seville, Málaga) and in the traditional university cities. On the contrary, the situation is more relaxed in Granada, where the average rental prices are lower.

Student residences
Student residences are the cheapest accommodation option for Erasmus students. Different arrangements are available – for example, rooms in shared accommodation or apartments. The rent depends on the furnishings, location and size of the room. Students pay an average of 600 euros per month for a room, maintenance included (breakfast, lunch and dinner - 7 days a week). Over 30 percent of international students in Spain live in student residences. They appreciate the low costs as well as the opportunity to get to know other students.

Shared accommodation
If you don't want to move into a residence, we will need to have a look at the free housing market. Shared accommodation is the most popular form of accommodation in this respect. The principle is simple: several individuals share an apartment. Everyone has their own room, while the kitchen and bathroom are shared. Costs, such as the rent, electricity and the Internet, are shared. A room in shared accommodation is more expensive than in a student residence, but is still quite cheap. Students pay an average of 300 euros a month for shared accommodation in single room with costs, and 200 in shared room.

If you prefer to live alone, you can also choose to rent your own apartment. This is the most comfortable, but also the most expensive form of accommodation. They cost students an average of 400 euros per month.

From we will find the best option for you depending on your needs and your pocket. You only have to send us an email explaining us your situation and we will give you the best budget for it.

But as we have clear what is our job, and to show you that we don't want to deceive anyone, in the following links you can find information of estate agencies prices and characteristics (don't forget that costs are always excluded: electricity, internet, water...). The agency service has an extracost too, and the difficulty is that owners usually don't want to rent an apartment for less than 1 year.



Estate Agencies